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      Precision double shaft guide

      Product Item: Precision double shaft guide
      Category: Turning Parts
      What is the biaxial core guide?
      The double-axis high-speed guide rail is composed of an aluminum alloy main body and a steel guide shaft embedded in the main body. High-speed motion rails, as well as box-type sliding units combined with bearings and rollers. With low cost, high speed and low noise, it is widely used in the machinery industry.

      Dual-axis core guide features
      High-speed rail, dual-axis high-speed rail, roller slider, mute slider, aluminum slider, high-speed slider. Compared with the general ball guide, it runs at a speed of 10m/min and can be made up to 6M. It has the advantages of low noise, easy installation and low price. The track can be made to the customer according to the special requirements of the customer.

      price advantage
      Reduce the price of 1/2 product and reduce the assembly time of 1/3.

      High precision
      Repeatability accuracy: within three microns.

      It is five times faster than the existing model and has a stroke of 10 meters per minute. Straight rate: within plus or minus ten microns.

      Adjustable preload
      The standard for "zero" clearance.

      Anti-loose design
      Eccentric nut type, parallel bearing pulleys improve the high precision effect ± 0.02mm stroke up to 6 meters without error. Reliability: Eccentric wheel design, adjustable pre-press to “zero” clearance, easy to adjust.

      High wear resistance: The steel shaft is specially hardened and has high abrasion resistance.
      Product design is sturdy. Get the same accuracy and quality at a price lower than L.M.GUIDE.


      LDG Double shaft guide

      · - For the outer wheel separation type and the inner wheel rotation.

      · - For use where it is necessary to rotate the inner wheel.


      SG Double shaft guide

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